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Pistoia Tuscany Italy

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In this posting we move from India to Italy, to a city called Pistoia which lies about 30 km northwest of Florence. Not a popular tourist place, but it does have a beautiful medieval central piazza which is the subject of most of the photos. Perhaps its biggest claim to fame is the word pistol comes from Pistoia. It started manufacturing them in the 16th century. Now it is famous for nursery gardens.

I worked here from 1979 to 1983. The centre of the city hasn't changed. It was a real pleasure to return and have the opportunity to take photos on a beautiful August sunny afternoon.

I hope you enjoy this glimpse of one of the least visited places in Tuscany.

Garibaldi sits proud on his steed.
He is an Italian national hero

One of the more attractive lamposts
I have seen

Church of St Paul

Detail from the facade of the church

Street leading to the Piazza

The building on the right is the
Cassa di Risparmio (Savings Bank)

A close up of its beautiful
Neo-Renaissance style

Almost in the Piazza del Duomo
(Cathedral Square). Daniela
gazing at the architectural feast!

A gorgeous alleyway

Inside the "Duomo", the
Cathedral of San Zeno

They knew how to build churches!

That's a coffin worth dying for!

Antico Palazzo del Vescovo (Old Bishop's Palace)
It's the palace that is old, not the Bishop! Though
they usually are

A close up of the entrance. Not sure if the bike
belongs to the Bishop

The Cathedral of San Zeno. Saint Zeno is the
patron saint of anglers and fishermen. I
don't know why they chose him for the
Cathedral of Pistoia. It is a long way from
the sea

Palazzo del Comune (The City Hall or the
Palazzo of the Old Lords). The seat of
the City government

The striking Bell Tower called
La Torre di Catilina. It stands
30 m high

Palazzo Pretorio currently the law courts

In the courtyard of the Palazzo Pretorio

The Gothic Battistero di
San Giovanni
of St John)

I love this door


A lovely house with a hat!

We are in Piazza della Sala or just "the Sala"
to Pistoians. It is one of the oldest squares in

Daniela by the Leoncino Well.
It takes its name from the lion
on the top of the well

I spotted these two in the Piazza del Duomo. Cute!

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