Friday, July 30, 2010

Pangong Lake, Ladakh, India

Hi and a warm welcome (back) to my blog. If you've been here before you'll notice I have changed the template. Hope you like it.

I'm going to take you on a trip up into the Himalayas to Pangong Lake. Make sure you've got your oxygen bottle, you don't want to get altitude sickness, believe me, it sucks!

Despite it, I think I managed to keep the camera still enough to give you a half decent idea of how beautiful it is. So let's go! It is about 164 km from Leh, our departure point and it will take us about 5 hours to get there.

At the beginnning of our journey, a classic scene in "Little Tibet" in India - hugely influenced by Tibet, but free from foreign interference - allowed to remain as it has always been. The more I felt the cultural integrity of this old and historic land, its people, it's religion and its traditions , the more I realised it is a treasure, to treasure. May it always remain so, we are so much richer for it.

Majestic. It takes your breath away!

When water is present the soil is rich and
fertile. The lush green is in strong contrast to
the barren land mass rising up from the plains

In the end the fertile flat is squeezed out by
the enveloping folds of the mountains

The road is cut into the side of the mountain.
The clouds dance their shadow on the
land that rises to meet them

There must be a TV somewhere.........
An army rest post

Amrit gobsmacked by the view. Zingral is the
last Army post at 15,500 feet before Chang La,
known to be one of the toughest passes in Ladakh

and it does get tougher, colder and whiter

then suddenly there was this little chap, so
unexpected, and so completely at home
in his wonderland environment

Just before the highest point...

...which is Chang La It is the third highest
motorable pass in the world. It is named after
the sadhu Chanla Baba

I wish they'd turn down the air conditioning!

Stalagtites sparkling in the sun

Through the pass and descending now
towards the lake

Almost there. Looks like this might have
been part of the lake but here it has
dried up

The beginning of Pangong Lake

The lake is at about 4,350 metres. 40% is in
India and 60% in China. It is 134 km long

The territory is disputed by both India
and China

The water is brackish, which means it has
more salinity than freshwater but less than

There is no aquatic life in the lake, no plants
or fish. Perhaps a few crustaceans

But you can find living creatures around
the's Naved and Bob

The lake is home to what look like sea gulls
but clearly aren't. I wonder what they feed on?

Ladakh means the land of high passes.
But the Ladakh Himalayas have no major peaks

Enough facts, just enjoy the view!

which is truly magnificent

Next time, before leaving Ladakh to go to
Dharamsala, I'll show you photos of Ladakhi
people that I haven't shown you before.
Hope to see you then.


Vina said...

Breath taking & Awesome! Wow!

Gold Poovan Devasagayam said...

Alan once again i'm blown away but the beauty of your pictures. Breathtaking composition.


Joanna said...

Ah wow now I'm hooked and will have to go there! Beautiful pictures :)

Pap Thuy said...

I saw a donkey on the truck !!!

Beautiful photos though :)

Such an Incredible India :))

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