Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ubud - Bali - Indonesia

Hi, thanks for coming to see my blog.

These photos were taken in 2006 with my 4 megapixel camera that I had before getting my Nikon. Daniela and I went to Bali. We spent a few days by the sea and then travelled up to Ubud.

We both have very fond memories of our stay there. If you like local art, culture, food, temples, and great countryside then you won't be disappointed. It's full of all of the above.

I hope you enjoy the photos. Come again. Alan

The first photo is Daniela and I in the heart of a
Balinese Hindu temple. This is the Lotus temple.

Just in case you don't believe me!

We were in Ubud for the most important
Balinese religious festival, Galungan.
You can see the 'penjor' (brightly decorated
very tall bamboo poles with woven young
coconut leaves, cakes, fruits and flowers)

The men make the poles and put
them outside the entrance to the
family compound. They were all
over Ubud, making it look very

The holiday lasts for 10 days. Everything
in the temples was adorned with the
traditional fabrics and umbrellas.
Galungan means "When the Dharma is
winning". The festival is about the inner
struggle between the Dharma, following
the sacred teaching, and Adharma, choosing
to not follow the teaching

This is the entrance to the house of a local artist,
he teaches traditional Balinese painting and
displays his art here. We bought a painting.

During the Galungan period the deified
ancestors of the family descend to their
former homes. They must be suitably
entertained and welcomed, and prayers
and offerings must be made for them

It is important to protect places
from bad spirits. The statues
on either side of the door are
doing just that.

Typical temple buildings

Beautifully decorated

Young boys on their way to a Barong dance
(see previous blog for info and photos
of the Barong dance)

The Barong dance is performed more
frequently during Galungan

Doorway makes a great frame for
this statue

Impressive gateway. Shame about the big
light on the left! My photoshop skills aren't
developed enough to make it disappear

On the Galungan day itself, which is a
Wednesday, most Balinese men will go
to their ancestral home at some point
even if they live on another part of the

It is an important day. Offerings are made
to the returning gods in the family and
the village temple

Rice fields

The breakfast room in the hotel
where we stayed is impressive

Daniela at breakfast
The hotel is called Tjampuhan.

A corner shop

Very colourful and decorative

Two cheeky chappies!

Me being whisked off by a beautiful Balinese
girl? No chance! Daniela wanted to buy something
in the shop and we didn't have enough cash.
The girl very helpfully offered to give me a
lift back to the hotel.

Still, I enjoyed the ride.

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