Sunday, August 30, 2009

Singapore Marina Barrage

A warm welcome to the latest edition of my blog.

Yesterday afternoon (Sat 29 Aug.) we went to visit, for the first time, the Marina Barrage. The Barrage is a dam built across the Marina Channel. It was officially opened on 1 November 2008.

The purpose of the dam is to keep out seawater, creating Singapore's first city reservoir and 15th reservoir in total. Singapore has no natural water sources and takes its supply of water very seriously.

This is the fountain that greets you as you arrive at the Barrage. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Click on the title for more information about the Barrage.

I will update again in 3 weeks as I will be travelling for work. I hope to see you then.


Daniela, my wife, looking remarkably fresh
considering the heat.

You can walk up the roof to a grassy recreation
area. The designers have done a fantastic job
in making it a beautiful place as well as an
engineering feat.

There were lots of young, fresh and very hot
graduates celebrating their success!

3 very happy youngsters

Here we are on the roof of the Barrage centre.
Singaporeans love picnics, but umbrellas are
needed to keep off the sun.

The graduates watcing the kite flyers

The Marina Barrage. It was conferred the
Superior Achievement Award[4] - the highest
honour of the competition for the best project
entry - at the AAEE Annual Awards held in
Washington, DC, USA on 6 May 2009

Work is still going on. The crane makes a great
'frame' for the Chinese junk

Bees are dying around the world but the bee
kite is going strong

Very cute little girl with
Mickey Mouse hat flying her
kite string

The 3 tallest buildings on the skyline are the
new Singapore Integrated Resort It will be
a resort and casino with conference facilities,
restaurants and exhibition facilities,
and an art/science museum.

A view of the Singapore flyer. We haven't been
on it yet. Singapore is proud of it and makes
the point that it is bigger than the London

The Marina Barrage centre

The views out to sea are always 'busy' with
ships. Singapore has a huge port that receives
on average 1000 ships a day

These young ladies have their feet firmly on
the ground..........

.......but not for long! We saw lots of people
and graduates jumping. A new craze?

The sun is making its way to the horizon.
We are hoping for a beautiful sunset

I hope the little girl stops running when she
reaches the water!

Chinese Restaurant with a view

Traditional Chinese food being served at the
restaurant. Kids seem keen!

Soon it will be too dark to fly kites.

The remaing photos are of the sunset. It
was a lovely close to a fun afternoon. I'll stop
talking and leave you to enjoy the sunset

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Joanna said...

It's amazing how pictures taken during the sun set have always this amazing feel and athmosphere.