Sunday, July 05, 2009

The beauty and the beast

Hello! Thanks for coming to see my blog. These photos were taken at the Singapore Botanical Gardens or in the garden in front of our "villa" on Gili Meno Indonesia.

A mixture of the beautiful and not so beautiful, but, nonetheless, wonderful. I have taken these with my Nikon macro 105mm lens. I still have a lot to learn about macro photography. None of the photos are taken with a tripod. I rely on the "VR" (vibration reduction) mechanism to allow me to be free of the tripod.

I have very little knowledge of flowers. I don't know what this first one is called. Do you? Leave me a comment if you do and let me know.

This one is not shy. Very striking, whatever
it is!

I do know this one. Plumeria or Frangipane.
It is one of my favourite flowers. A plumeria
tree fully in blossom is very beautiful, and
the scent is intoxicating.

Butterfly on Gili Meno, Indonesia

The dragonfly. Possibly the most photographed
insect by amateur photographers!

I loved this little guy. I took about 30 shots
of him to get one half decent. I've cropped
the photo a bit to get two different

That flower again. So gorgeous!

This cricket is Singaporean

This one Indonesian

Somebody else likes these flowers! Bet he
doesn't know what it is either!

This creature is amazing

Lunch! Move on quickly if you are squeamish

Look at the pincers on this spider!

I leave you with his photo from Gili Meno. It
must be the original eggplant!

Hope to see you again in a couple of weeks


Joanna said...

Oh the macro pictures of crickets are fantastic! Especially those on leaf. Not to mention the capturing of the wings of dragonfly.
And I love the colours of flowers.

tessa wu said...

Great pictures! I remembered the time we went to visit Singapore Botanical Gardens, we barely made it out. It is so big and got several beautiful plants.