Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Singapore Zoo - last visit

UPDATE 5 February 2009

Just to let my viewers know I have gone to the UK as my Dad is not well.

I will upload the next edition of my blog as soon as I can after I have returned to Singapore.


Hello and welcome.

This is the concluding post of my trip to the Singapore Zoo. Some animals, a couple of birds and a few orchids. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Next time I will post shots from my latest experiment with macro-photography.

This first shot is of a South African antelope. Do you know what the difference is between an antelope and a deer?

In this issue you have some homework to do!


Male giraffes can grow to almost 6 metres
The average lifespan in the wild is about 10 years,
but in captivity they can live up to 28 years

Tell me, what is special about their tongue?

Now, how did anything get called a warthog?
Can you tell me why the warts are useful?

It was all a bit snoozy by the time I got to
the lions. The lionesses usually do the hunting
through co-operative teamwork

And then they sleep! Not that these lions had
to exert themselves much to get lunch!

Cushions are a bit hard....

Male lions rather offend principles of equality.
They get the women to do the dangerous work,
the top guy gets all the ladies
and when the women have killed their prey
the bloke takes the lion's share!

"Oi! have a look at me tonsils!
I think they're inflammed."
The most energy I saw with
this lot was a yawn

The King of the Jungle finally decided he
ought to do something. I have searched
everywhere on the Internet but can't
find anything on why he's sniffing leaves!

Question: when an adult lion roars,
how far away can the roar be heard?
Answer is here

Orchids are the national flower
of Singapore

There are many orchid gardens in Singapore.
There are many species of orchid

Which species of orchid is the Singapore Orchid
and why was it chosen?

This is a male Electus Parrot.
What a beautiful beak! It can
only be found in one part of the
world. Your question is, where?

And believe it or not this is his wife!
This is the female of the species.

There are 17 species of penguins.
Which species is this one?

Why is the White Rhino called "White"?
Check you answer:

Zebras live in some parts of Africa and can
run for a long time at about 40 km per hour

They feed mostly on rough grass

Question for you. In what way are their
stripes useful?

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