Friday, January 25, 2008

The children of Tamil Nadu

Hi and welcome to the second edition of India.

I am dedicating this one to the children we met. They filled our holiday, and my camera, with their smiles, their joy and their spontaneity.

So many wanted their photos taken, wanted to shake Daniela’s hand and talk to her. You can see in this first picture three girls holding their hands out to Daniela.

I hope you enjoy them.

Next time I’ll show you pictures of the grown ups.

Until then, take care.


Close friends

Fascinated by the camera

So bright and so beautiful

Simply striking

We're happy to see you

I am so proud of my brother....

....because he's so adorable

We're just a little shy of the camera...

...but I'm not shy at all!

Like mother like daughter

I'm taller than my brother....

....mmmm but shorter than my sister

Daniela with her Indian husband and children!!!!!

and then some!!

Please don't breathe, or I'll fall off!

Do I know how to pose for the camera or what.....


Anonymous said...

i love these pictures
they are so vibrant as they capture the bright and spicy colors of india
keep up the good work :)

Alan said...

Thank you for kind comment anonymous.