Saturday, December 08, 2007

Moments in Singapore

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This is the penultimate posting before Christmas. It is “Moments in Singapore”. A collection of shots I took walking around. Many of them were a test shoot using a new Nikon lens that I had just bought.

There is no particular theme, just moments that show something about the nature and character of Singapore. Some people feel it is a sanitised, boring place but having lived here for 3 years I would dispute that.

It is a fascinating mix of culture and tradition that may not be immediately obvious if you just visit the shopping malls. But there are few other places I have visited where cultures and religions live so peacefully together, so relaxed in their own traditions knowing they will be respected and appreciated.

This is perhaps what we love the most. No-one is afraid of putting on Nativity plays here, or performing Pujas, or rejoicing on their Guru’s birthday, or celebrating Hari Raya. People don’t feel excluded or threatened by the celebration of another’s tradition, culture or religion because they respect it.

There will always be threats to that, as Singapore diversifies and develops further, but I hope that this little island, the “little red dot” as they call it, manages to preserve its tradition of respect and appreciation of each other, their cultures and traditions. Certainly it has a lot to examine and improve, but it has a lot to conserve and demonstrate to others.

On 24 December we fly to Tamil Nadu for 10 days to visit the temples of South India. Before leaving I will post a Happy Christmas to you all.



These first three photos above were taken at the Central Sikh Temple during the celebration of the birth of Guru Nanak who was the founder of Sikhism. Our friend Amrit (top photo with me) was our host and guide at the temple. Daniela is in the third photo.

The famous urchins jumping into the river at Boat Quay

The Hindu Feast of Deepawali. Bharata Natyam dancers from the Temple of Fine Arts

Hindu temple in Singapore

I'm so beautiful, adore me! (and she's not wrong!)

The mythical symbol of Singapore, the Merlion

A Malay woman, beautiful face

Muslim girls, and Esprit

A door! (You have to be patient with photographers!!!)

I wonder what they were talking about....

It's hot here.......

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