Saturday, December 10, 2005

Christmas in Singapore

Hi Everyone

Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? Time is moving on. I, like many probably, have just one more week before the break. The Council is closing for two weeks but I have taken three.

Last time I said I would post some pics of Singapore at Christmas. Most of them are taken in Orchard Road, the main shopping street in Singapore, There is one of a Christmas tree that caught my eye at a Hawkers food centre called Lau Pa Sat. It is close to where I work. No prizes for guessing why it caught my eye! If you'd like to enter the competition send me your estimates but beware, if you win you'll have to fly to Singapore to drink your 88 jugs of beer..............or give them to me........

Daniela and I are staying here in Singapore until 27 December. Then we fly to Laos. We are visiting Vientiane and Luang Prabang and before coming home also spending a few days in Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. So photos galore and of course I'll share some with you when I get back. But I will be posting one final Christmas and New Year message before Christmas so do come back next week.

In the meantime happy preparations. Hope it is not too stressful.

Take care